Sunday, March 17, 2013


The Stage on Sixth, Sat/Sun, 1am

These guys really rocked the Day Stage earlier in the week, so we wanted to see them in a more intimate club setting. They did not disappoint! I already bought the album to listen to on the way home!

Vampire Weekend

Stubb's, Sat/Sun, midnight

Definitely one of the big events for SXSW! I only knew a couple of their songs, but it was a good concert. Band didn't really chat with the crowd though, so I still prefer all the rest of the small venues we usually go to.

Parenthetical Girls

Ten Oak, Sat, 11pm

Caught the beginning of this show after the last one we saw here. They had a fun new-wave sound, and a cool name. Need to check out an album later!

Ivan and Aloysha

Ten Oak, Sat, 10pm

Saw these guys again, just as a layover between gigs at far ends of the city.

Bronze Radio Return

Rebels Honky Tonk, Sat, 10pm

Good rock band, with a bit of country thrown in. Appropriate for a bar named Rebels Honky Tonk!

Lighthouse & the Whaler

Karma, Sat, 9pm

I have a free EP from them, and love it! So glad to see them live, and can't wait to pick up the new album!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Steven Kellogg

Stephen F's bar, Sat, 8pm

Awesome folk singer!!!

Frightened Rabbit

Mohawk, Sat, 5pm

These guys popped up in our schedule many times, but they always conflicted with other bands we wanted to see more. We finally caught them at non-SXSW gig. They started 20 minutes late, but we might never have gotten if Ed hasn't known someone who worked here!

After all the build-up and expectation, I half-expected it to be a let-down, but it was pretty good! Too much guitars (5!), but otherwise good.

The Parlotones

Stub Hub Live, Sat, 3:15pm

Only caught the end if this, but these guys were very good!  I had their name wrong for months (thought it was "Parlortones"), but much later found the correct spelling and finally found their albums!

Mary Epworth

Norwich Sound & Vision, British Music Embassy, Sat, 3pm

Band from the northeast of England, featuring 3 women and 1 guy. Kind of a mellow country-rock sound, pretty nice, but nothing I'll be buying.

Ginger and the Ghost

Aussie BBQ, Maggie Mae's, Sat, 2:15pm

I assume Ginger is the red-haired lead singer. Reminds me of Goldfrapp, very showy, costumes, dancy electro-pop.

The Audreys

Aussie BBQ, Maggie Mae's, Sat, 1pm

Another nice folk duo. Australia doesn't seem to have sent too many rock bands this year. They were good, but not terribly unique, and the sound was horrible (reverb from the show downstairs?).

The Falls

Aussie BBQ, Maggie Mae's, Sat, 12:45pm

A simple folk duo like Civil Wars, but with a 4-piece string section too! They brought up another artist to play 1 song with them, Jack Carty, playing later today too. Very nice folk/country music!

Andy Clockwise

Aussie BBQ, Maggie Mae's, Sat, 12:15pm

I got a free CD or download from this guy at SXSW 2010, but I didn't see him that year. His free album included a song with Lissie on vocals, whom we saw in 2010 and again this year.

I didn't like that free album too much (except for the amazing song with Lissie), but this concert was very good!

What Made Milwaukee Famous

Javelina, Fri/Sat, 1am

The walk to this place was ridiculously long, but they're an Austin favorite, and Ed really wanted to go. The band is very good, a mix of indie-rock and Southern/country-rock.

Hey Ocean!

Maggie Mae's (downstairs), Fri/Sat, midnight

I've heard of this band before, but didn't really know them. This show was terrific, and I have to pick up an album!

Skinny Lister

Meduse, Fri, 11pm

Started very late, so we had to miss Brown Shoe way up on 6th. But so worth it! British folk? Irish fight songs? Australian anthems? All of that! Loved them!

Friday, March 15, 2013

Yearbook Committee

Meduse, Fri, 10:45

Walked in on this band when we got here early for Skinny Lister. Great sound, and gave away a bunch of CDs.

Said the Whale

Townhouse, Fri, 10pm

I really, really love this band. Every album is brilliant!

We saw them at SXSW 2 years ago though, and the show wasn't very exciting. I liked this show a lot, but more for the songs than the stage presence (or the sound quality). Would recommend any of their albums!


Esther's Follies, Fri, 9:15

Left the last show, which was ok, to catch this Polish electro-pop act. They had a VERY cool music video and good buzz, so I was excited to see them/her.

A very fun lively show, with a lot more guitar than I expected, which was great! Must check out the album.


Cedar St. Courtyard, Fri, 9pm

Don't know much about this band/guy (except he's from The Netherlands), but it was great! Definitely check out the album!

Diamond Rings

VEVO, Fri, 8pm

Missed this guy at the 2011 SXSW, but I have an album and so glad I saw him this year!

Mix David Bowie or Morrissey with more synths, and that's the album. Live, he just played the guitar solo, and it was awesome!

Royal Teeth

Bayou, Fri, 6pm

Had to see them again after their killer show at Maggie Mae's!

Wild Cub

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, 5pm

Never heard of them, but this was the last show at Sonicbids, and they were pretty good.

Rah Rah

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, 4pm

This was my most anticipated show! After getting their free sampler from NoiseTrade last year, they became my favorite new band. When their new album (The Poet's Dead) came out, I bought it right away. Loved it so much, I bought it for Ed too, so he could hear them before SXSW.

I recently heard Grant Lawrence (CBC Radio 3) say they were one of the best live bands he's seen. So, my expectations are high!

They weren't as good live as Royal Teeth here earlier, but I *loved* seeing these guys live finally!

JD Twitch

British Music Embassy at Latitude 30, Fri, 3pm

Part of the Showcasing Scotland event. Quite packed due to the free food and unlimited free drinks!

I don't normally like DJs, but this guy was pretty good.

Imam Baildi

International Day Stage, Fri, 2pm

A Mediterranean/Caribbean band, with a lead female singer (singing in Greek?). The show took an interesting turn when they brought out a rapper from Santo Domingo, working with both English and probably Spanish. Wouldn't buy the album, because it's not really my kind of music for repeat listening, but I'm glad I saw them! Total fun live band!

Iron and Wine

Radio Day Stage, Fri, 1:30pm

Only caught the end of this because we stayed for the whole Royal Teeth show.

A very good folk singer!

Royal Teeth

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, 1pm

Young band from New Orleans, who hit it big at last year's SXSW. Very fun, cool, indie/alt rock. Check out the album!

Blue Van

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, 12:30.

Fun, fancy rock! Check out the album!

Cold Fronts

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, noon

Didn't really like this band. Nothing stuck out about their music.

The Trouble with Templeton

Sonicbids, Maggie Mae's, Fri, 11:30am

Never heard of them, but I liked their alt-rock sound, with a slight southern twang. Turns out they're from Brisbane, Australia. A must-buy for the album!

Marnie Stern

Maggie Mae's Gibson Room, Thur/Fri, 1am

Heard Marnie as part of the NPR SXSW sampler. Liked the sample, and liked her album title, The Chronicles of Marnia.


Parish, Thur/Fri, midnight, but we came late

Interesting electro-rock!

Imaginary Cities

Friends, Thur/Fri, midnight

Great band, can't wait for new album.

Amanda Shires

St. David's, Thur, 11pm

After getting her free Daytrotter Sessions album last year, I bought her full album. In concert, it was just her (on mandolin and violin) and a guitarist. Very much like her album - beautiful music, but most songs aren't very memorable (except for Swimmer and Train). "Tiger Bill (Bulletproof)" was a new song, and it was great!

She did chat quite a bit, which was great as not many singers do!

Overall, I recommend her, but wish the songs were "stronger", or more were quirky like Tiger Bill.

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Chaos Chaos (formerly Smoosh)

Smoosh is a SXSW legendary success story. I've wanted to see them for years, even though their electro-pop isn't normally my thing.

The girls have grown up (a bit), changed their name, and changed their sound a bit from what I understand. But, it's still great fun pop, and the drummer (Chloe) is esp. something to watch!

The Harpoonist and the Axe Murderer

Friends, Thur, 9:30, got here late after watching WALL. first. Blues & harmonica, very cool.


Latitude 30, Thur, 9pm

Very mellow.

I Can Chase Dragons

The Parish Underground, Thur, 8:15pm

Electro-pop, very fun!

Sidney York

Friends, Thur, 8pm


Swan Dive, Thur, 7:15pm

We were a little late for this, after eating dinner at Eddy V's with our new friend, TK. Diamond Rings was in the same time slot, but much farther away, so we choose Braids. Not bad electro-pop, but would have preferred Diamond Rings.


Day Stage at the Convention Center, Thu, 5pm

I saw her here 2-3 years ago, and it was fairly mellow/folksy. This was much more rocking!


Caught the end of this concert at the International Stage in the Convention Center. Wow. A really good rock band. They hail from Ireland, Dunlin I think. Definitely check out their album!

Family of the Year

Convention Center Day Stage, Thur, 4pm

I missed these guys at SXSW 2011, but have several albums now (after missing them!

Can't say enough good things about this band!!!