Saturday, March 21, 2015

Twin Limb

Tumblr IRL at Ironwood, 1pm (ish)

They didn't let anyone in to this "1pm" show until 1:30, which started 15 minutes later. Not the usual SXSW promptness. 

Band looked interesting: one guy on guitar, one woman on a HUGE accordion, and one woman on drums. Both woman sang, usually together in harmony.  Musically, it was swirly, almost psychedelic, not really my thing.

Turns out, it was the "wrong" band!  We were these to see Houndmouth, but they had an opening band (Twin Limb) which we didn't know about.  Didn't see it posted anywhere.  We thought it was Houndmouth, though, and were surprised by what a let-down it was, and left during the 2nd song.  Really wish we had seen Houndmouth...

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